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Posted on October 27, 2011

English is claimed to be richest language that there has ever been; this is a claim that I suspect is sometimes made by people who little knowledge of languages other than this one, but English is certainly diverse and wonderful.  It is verdant soil for writing.
One of the pitfalls to avoid when writing is repetition.  It gives the impression of a poor vocabulary and, whilst the reader does not want to bamboozled by the author <a href="http://www.keithmccarthy.org/2011/10/17/47-difficult-words/" title="47. DIFFICULT WORDS" target="_blank"></a>, I think they do want to learn and want to think that the writer has thought about the text and has an ability to weave a spell.  Yet it is all too easy to repeat words, if not in the same sentence, then in adjacent ones; the same word repeated twice in a paragraph may also jar.  Hence, it is important to use synonyms - different words that mean the same thing.
Be careful, though.  It is said, and this time I think I agree, that there are no perfect synonyms in English.  There are subtle differences that those unfamiliar with the language may miss.  It is always worth asking an experienced user of English to read your text.

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